We all dream for this day and why not? because this is a very memorable, precious and most awaited moment of our lives. I always thought I wouldn't be tying a knot with anyone before I turn 30 but here I am just like most people getting married in their 20's. The only difference between this one and all the other wedding was it wasn't planned too ahead of time rather very spontaneously. This caused a lot of drama since it was one of the most unexpected weddings in my family that no one was prepared for. If you guys have an idea about the desi culture, family is more important then anything else. If they are not happy then shit is about to get serious.

It was the first wedding that my parents were hosting and everyone including my siblings and aunts were nervous because expectations were high, god knows for what reason? Everyone needed more time to prepare their clothes since clothes  are customized back home and most of all, June is generally considered an off season for weddings in Asia. However, I had to keep telling myself not to feel bad about anything as nothing is perfect in life. Just like all the other girls out there this was my very special day and despite the limited time and all the drama it came with, I managed to make the best out of it.

This beautiful event was divided into four different parts according to the traditions back home in Pakistan. As you can see in all my pictures that I was a happy bride dressed into four different dresses. There were all kinds of people involved in this wedding who gave their opinions to what should and what shouldn't be happening ( friends and family). Through out this process the only thing that was running  through my mind was I will do all the things that will make me happy. 



The only advice, I can really give anyone out there for their big day is do all the things that make you happy on your wedding. Let everyone advice you but listen to your heart. If you want to look beautiful on your day then you really have to smile from your heart otherwise it will show on your face and pictures which so many next generations will see. Smile, Smile, Smile on your big day and make memories. 







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