There is absolutely no reason to dislike Hollywood. As I got off the plane, everything I saw around me was all I have always dreamed of. It was prettier then I saw on television, pictures or any travel magazine. The hardest part was to capture all the beauty in my tiny camera. I still think that, I could have done a better job but then I wouldn't have had the time to enjoy the beauty of the Griffith, Palm spring, walk of fame, downtown and of course all giant mansions of celebrities like Madonna and Micheal Jackson in Beverley Hills. This is one of the best trips, I have had in years mainly because it is so close to my dreams. I learned the importance of working hard and harder. Moreover, I saw what life is when you are so close to your dreams. Making an identity and influencing masses could be so rewarding, I had no idea before I visited this place, which is now the land of my dreams. Time was short and I had way too many places to visit. During all this travel, I figured that Hollywood is my final destination. Beverley hills is almost a 45 minutes drive from here and I don't have to tell anyone much about it as most of us already know about the fancy life up the hills.


 Griffith Park

Rodeo Drive

Santa Monica, California

Walk of fame

Beverley Hills

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